Artist Statement

At a young age I always followed the path to be different, I wanted to stand out in the crowd, be the leader, not the follower.

My designs reflect my personality of standing out in the crowd. To be different, slightly edgy but with the softness of feminine charm.  Each piece I create and personally hand make has a story to be told, to be adorned by someone bold enough to tell the story to the world, or to keep the story to themselves. Living in a big city where one can feel that there are more concrete buildings than trees is my inspiration to tell a story through my designs, whether it's reminiscing childhood dreams or the struggles of everyday life. 

I have dabbled with many jewelry making techniques, from beading to wire wrapping and even played with Viking knitting (also called Norse Weaving). However my true calling is with Chainmaille Weaving.  Though it can be very time consuming, I found it also very relaxing sitting at my work table with pliers in both hands just weaving one little ring at a time to create my jewelry. I love the intricate details and structure of a chainmaille weave, it can be quite chunky or subtle and fluid. There's no end to the designs I can create with it.

I enjoy working with all metals, however my preference is with stainless steel because of it's strength, durability, ease of care and the ability to make a design masculine or feminine, bold or simple.  Unique like my customers.